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African Journeys

Explore a land thriving with natural beauty

Welcome to Africa

Breathtaking landscapes, thrilling wildlife and rich traditions, there is little else on earth that can compare to the natural beauty you discover when you travel Africa. During an exceptional Journey into the unknown, no matter which direction you choose to explore, the captivating charm of Africa awaits.

Image: Victoria Falls with a rainbow. Visit them while travelling Africa.

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

A spectacular sight of awe-inspiring beauty and grandeur, marvel at one of the world’s natural wonders, Victoria Falls. Take off on the ‘Flight of the Angels’ helicopter ride to enjoy the most outstanding views of the thundering falls. Over a kilometre long, be amazed by the greatest curtain of cascading water in the world.

Image: Desert camp in the Sahara desert in Morocco, In Africa

Sahara Desert

Sahara Desert

Few places on Earth compare to the Sahara desert. Venture out into copper-coloured sand with dunes rolling on the horizon. Travel by 4×4 through the soft sand to an enchanting tented camp, indulge in a sunset camel ride and celebrate with a traditional Berber feast and live entertainment before falling asleep under the star-filled sky. Morocco’s desert is an adventure of a lifetime.

Image: Zerbas in South Africa with a game vehicle travelling in the background in Africa

Private African Safaris

Private African Safaris

Embark on an exhilarating experience into the national parks and game reserves of South Africa and nearby destinations. With striking wildlife perched mere feet away and majestic scenery along the horizon, the powerful energy of the animal kingdom will blow you away in Makalali Game Reserve as well as Hangwe & Chobe National Parks.

Image: Blue boats on the coast of Morocco

Moroccan Coast

Moroccan Coast

Running along the Atlantic Ocean all the way to the Mediterranean sea, the Moroccan coast is dotted with charming harbours, fishing ports and beautiful beach towns. Feel like a local while ambling through the streets of Casablanca or enjoy the peaceful relaxation of the quieter beach towns of Rabat, Moulay Bousselham and M’Diq. Morocco’s leisurely coast is just as appealing as its bustling interior.


Why Travel Africa

The journey difference
Soft sand in the Saraha Desert. Visit when you travel Africa

Natural Beauty

From the magnificent flowers atop Table Mountain to the glimmering dunes spanning the Sahara and the golden beaches of Moulay Bousselham, Africa is nothing short of incredible. Wherever you find yourself on this gorgeous continent, natural beauty is sure to surround you at every turn.
A lion travelling in a game park in Africa


Feel the powerful energy of the animal kingdom as you Journey under the balmy South African sun to catch a rare glimpse of the big five. Feeling both calm and excited, time will come to a chilling halt while feasting your eyes upon the rare and intense wilderness.

Ancient Cities

Wander through the most glorious and significant streets of Africa. Be it the maze of narrow streets that fill the ancient Moroccan medinas or the South Africa’s ‘Mother City’ of Cape Town, immerse yourself wholeheartedly in the historical significance of the charming streets that fill the whole continent.

Culture & Tradition

Steeped in rich history, the culture and tradition across Africa is both varied and enticing. Visit the Morrocan nomads that live in the desert and the colourful Ndebele tribe in South Africa. Savour the mouthwatering spices found in each Moroccan dish. Indulge in a truly fascinating and diverse place as you travel Africa.

Travelling to Africa with Us

We delight our guests when we travel to Africa by focusing on these ideals that have become the hallmark of our brand.

Curated Itineraries

With over 40 years of expertise and the help of our local partners, we have selected the most inspiring cities and exciting adventures that will have you fully immersed in the culture of Africa.

Elevated Experiences

We believe that a Journey should be a departure from the everyday. With that in mind, we carefully select each hotel, airline, coach, and every other partner to ensure they can deliver to our exacting standards, and that you will have an elevated experience.

Worry-Free Travel

From tips and gratuities to private home pick-ups and stunning hotels, private excursions and dining, we include everything for you on our Journeys. Focus on taking in the sights, the tastes, making new friendships and bringing home incredible memories – we’ll handle the rest.

Our Canadian History

After nearly 40 years serving Canadians with all-inclusive travel, we are very proud to be part of this incredible nation. Benefit from our over a decade of experience introducing Canadians to the wonders of Africa, allowing them to explore with confidence.

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