Journeys Of The Americas

Uncover a familiar land brimming with diversity

Welcome to The Americas

Captivating mountains, glaciers, and deserts combine with rich culture, bustling cities, inspiring landmarks and friendly faces, to form the perfect blend. The Americas offer an invigorating land to discover, explore, and savour: from coast to coast to coast.

Hubbard Glacia, Alaska

Hubbard Glacia, Alaska

Experience the most spectacular glacier viewing while cruising along Yakutat Bay. Feast your eyes on the awe-inspiring Hubbard Glacier jutting 90-metres into the sky as St. Elias looms majestically overhead. Climb into a floatplane and skid across the water before lifting off over the glorious mountains, rivers, glaciers and lakes below.

First Nations Boat Tour, The Yukon

First Nations Boat Tour, The Yukon

Following in the footprints of the gold seekers and adventures of the Klondike gold rush, embark on a historical and authentic boat ride along the mighty Yukon River to Fort Reliance. Surrounded by remarkable vistas, hear from local resident Tommy Taylor as he shares his First Nation heritage and culture.

Denali National Park

Denali National Park

Venture into the heart of the Denali National Park to experience the thrill of spotting local wildlife up-close. On an epic tundra tour, enjoy a narrated journey from a local guide. Keeping both eyes and ears peeled, search for sightings of grizzly bears, wolves, foxes, eagles, caribou, and willow ptarmigan.

Why The Americas

The journey difference


From the brisk autumn smell and vibrant fall foliage bursting into bright orange, yellow and red across the northern seaboard to the cool vast vistas of raw wilderness found along the snow-capped mountains, glaciers and rivers in the west, these picture-perfect landscapes will draw you in.


Learn about the delicious food of this familiar region. Taste the world’s largest and most decadent cinnamon buns in Dawson city. Enjoy sticky maple syrup from an authentic cabane à sucre (sugar shack) in Quebec City. Savour each bite of succulent Maine lobster pulled fresh from ocean water and drizzled with butter. Indulge in terrific culinary experiences.


A variety of wondrous and mysterious wildlife live in the varied terrain of The Americas. Find grizzly bears, wolves, fox, eagles and caribou in Denali National Park. Watch enchanting whales plying the cool, deep waters of Icy Strait. Experience local wildlife up-close like never before.


Discover the iconic freedom trail in one of the oldest cities in the United States, the quirky wooden streets of the famous Dawson City, and the 400-year legacy inside the fortress walls of Quebec city. You will be touched by the kindness of people willing to share the beauty of their traditions, culture and land.

Travelling the Americas with Us

We delight our guests on Journeys through the Americas by focusing on these ideals that have become the hallmark of our brand.

Curated Itineraries

With over 40 years of expertise and the help of our local partners, we have selected the most inspiring cities and memorable adventures that will have you fully immersed in everything the Americas have to offer.

Elevated Experiences

We believe that a journey should be a departure from the everyday. With that in mind, we carefully select each hotel, airline, ship, coach, and every other partner to ensure they can deliver to our exacting standards, and that you will have an elevated experience.

Worry-Free Travel

From tips and gratuities to private home pick-ups and stunning hotels, private excursions and dining, we include everything for you on our journeys. Focus on taking in the sights, the tastes, making new friendships and bringing home incredible memories – we’ll handle the rest.

Our Canadian History

Since we began over 40 years ago with coach tours in Canada and the United States we are very proud to continue serving Canadians with all-inclusive travel and to be part of this incredible nation. Benefit from our over a decade of experience introducing Canadians to the wonders of the world, allowing them to explore with confidence.

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