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Dutch & Belgian Discovery: A Journey Through the Past & Present

As Canadians, we are proud to share a rich history with the people of Belgium and the Netherlands that ensures even your first journey to the region feels like calling on a lifelong friend. Since pioneering European river cruising in 1988, we are very proud of our long-standing ties with the warm-hearted Dutch and Belgian people and this idyllic region.

With tales of the past alive and well in each magical town we visit, we continue in our mission to refine river cruising, providing the most unique and enjoyable journey experiences through the Netherlands and Belgium. We accomplish this by carefully crafting robust and unique itineraries, designing intimate excursions with meaningful local encounters and selecting the most exquisite river cruise vessels available anywhere in the world.

Panorama Lounge, Avalon Imagery II

As the next chapter of this story, we are excited to embark on our Dutch and Belgian Discovery aboard the outstanding, 128-guest Avalon Imagery II in the spring of 2020. Completed in 2016, the Imagery II is one of the newest ships cruising the European waters, offering a delightful contemporary design throughout the ship, including a spacious dining room and lobby and five distinctive lounges, ranging from a sky deck with a whirlpool to a more traditional study.

Panorama Suite, Avalon Imagery II

Experienced river cruisers will be enticed by the panorama suites which we selected for their incomparable views, courtesy of the wall-to-wall panoramic windows. Enjoy the dazzling view of the charming Dutch and Belgian rivers from the privacy of your own cabin, taking in the many breathtaking sights on shore. Sit back and enjoy the show from your cabin’s six-person seating area or atop your queen-size bed, donned in Egyptian cotton linens.

Canadian War Cemetery, Groesbeek the Netherlands 

The many brilliantly coloured polders, stoic castles and ancient bridges of the Low Countries have been standing for centuries. To do these marvels proper justice, a cruise itinerary should be at an unhurried pace which enables you to properly savour the many beautiful squares, monuments, and quaint local shops that pepper the region. During our 16-day itinerary, you can spend the evening ambling through Namur, Belgium during our overnight in town, where the citadel atop the hill serves as a canvas for one of Europe’s most mesmerizing light shows. Spend the afternoon in Liège in search of the best Belgian waffle vendor. In Ypres, take an extended moment to pay respects during the moving Last Post Ceremony and feel the presence of those Canadians who have come before. Our decades of experience cruising the Netherlands and Belgium has allowed us to finely hone the itinerary pace, offering all of our guests the time and latitude to fully experience all the gems and landmarks of this incredible region.

Bruges, Belgium

Around the corner of each Flemish-gabled home are colourful stories, deep-rooted traditions, and hidden gems that only locals can authentically share with you. Throughout the Netherlands and Belgium, we partner with expert local guides to offer intimate tours and excursions exclusive to the guests on our journey to make your time in the community memorable. Honour the commonwealth land forces of the Second World War during a touching visit to Groesbeek and the Canadian War Cemetery, a favourite excursion of our guests. Wander through a living storybook via an excursion to the famed Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands during tulip season. Our Director of Product, Sascha Pinto, recently described the Keukenhof Gardens as, “a living art gallery with tulips,” adding, “you don’t need a green thumb or an appreciation of tulips to appreciate Keukenhof.” Not to be outdone, experience a private city tour of Bruges, Belgium, which boasts countless splendid churches as well as a historic city centre and Market Square. Sascha further remarked, “as the ship will spend two days in Brussels, we will devote one day to an excellent city tour of Brussels and the second day will be devoted to a private tour of Bruges. We believe that Bruges in the Flemish Region is so iconic that you cannot visit Belgium without a day trip there.”

Keukenhof Gardens, the Netherlands

While many aspects of river cruising may change, we will continue to strive to craft the very best river cruises of Europe. Our Dutch and Belgian Discovery is a best-in-class travel experience complete with contemporary accommodations, exclusive excursions and the ideal pace. We look forward to welcoming you on board this spring.

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