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Enrich Your Senses in the Far East

At Journeys by Van Dyke, it is our passion to introduce you to unique and exclusive experiences in every corner of the world, free of the worries of modern travel. During our journey from Singapore to Dubai, we will be delighted to introduce you to a range of exotic scents, sights and sounds you will encounter, all with the confidence that your professional Journey Manager, high-quality accommodations, and the comforts of home are never too far away.

Your cultural crossing begins in the city-state of Singapore that seamlessly blends Malay, Chinese, Indian and European influences into a bustling model of progress. “The Lion City” (as Singapore is known in Sanskrit), roars with the movement of over five million people from every corner of the world. All of that action becomes a mere memory as you enter the contemplative Tianfu Temple in Chinatown. You feel the presence of nearly 200 years of tradition preserved in time by the hip and gable roofs of this temple’s many ornate pavilions, in the centre of what is an otherwise constantly evolving neighbourhood.

In Phuket, Thailand, the sounds become significantly more serene on shore, as the waves of the Andaman sea roll forward to greet you before dissipating into the sand. You turn around and are drawn in by the picture-perfect vision of swaying palm trees, the space in-between filled with clear blue skies. Following an extraordinary elephant show, inspiring temple visit and tasting your fill at a cashew factory, you return to the re-inspired Oceania Nautica. Your inviting suite welcomes you back, offering incomparable relaxation in the form of an Ultra Tranquility Bed. In one of the ship’s five world-class restaurants, you treat your palette to tastes from the Far East or more familiar fare.

Sailing along the coast of India and calling on many diverse ports, you are immersed in the very best of the subcontinent, from the Chinese-influenced fishing town of Kochi, to the port city of Mangalore. It is here that you are warmly greeted by an Ayurveda traditional medicine practitioner. This wise character holistically balances the mind, body, and spirit through prescriptions of common herbs. You then amble through the local market in search of many of these same tonics, while your local guide introduces you to myriad other fragrant spices.

By the time you arrive to the United Arab Emirates, your taste for experiences unfamiliar is in full form, ready to enjoy the decadence of a traditional British high tea. This harkening back to the region’s colonial past is contrasted by the many local delicacies on display at the traditional Madinat Jumeirah Souk. As you depart for the airport for your flight home, this futuristic mirage disappearing behind you, you delight in the competing sparkles of the marvelous skyscrapers, and that of the stars in the Arabian night sky.

While the eclectic cultures that comprise the Far East can rightly be described as foreign, when you travel with Journeys by Van Dyke your exploration is both comfortable and thoroughly enjoyable.

Journey from
Singapore to Dubai

Join us as we discover the wonders of the Far East aboard the elegant Oceania Nautica.